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HR Recruitment Coordinator

Recruitment Coordinator

General Description

The HR Recruitment Coordinator at NARAP assists the HR Director in establishing and executing recruitment programs in line with organizational requirements, budgets, and business plan objectives. The recruitment Coordinator works with all departments in helping to identify and align recruitment needs, and manages the recruitment objectives, plans, programs and budgets.



Under the direct supervision and guidance of the HR Director, the HR recruitment Coordinator:

  • Works closely with job candidates, external recruiters, headhunters and other human resources professionals in support of a business' hiring needs

  • Works closely with the other HR areas

  • Designs and implements overall recruiting strategy

  • Consults with directors to discover staff requirements and specific job objectives

  • Writes and posts job descriptions on career websites and universities boards

  • Evaluates and screens resumes and cover letters

  • Conducts phone, Skype and/or in-person interviews

  • Provides a shortlist of qualified candidates to hiring directors

  • Helps the hiring team with recruiting methods and interview questions

  • Contacts new employees and prepare on-boarding sessions

  • Maintains a complete record of interviews and new hires

  • Stay up-to-date with current recruiting methods


Skills and Experience

  • Proven work experience as a Recruiting coordinator or recruiter with a minimum of 1-2 years of experience

  • Knowledge of HR policies and best practices

  • Ability to prioritize and complete projects within deadline

  • Hands on experience with various selection processes like phone interviews and reference checks

  • Ability to conduct different types of interviews (e.g. structured, competency based and behavioral)

  • Familiarity with HR databases, applicant tracking systems and candidate management systems

  • Familiarity with social media, especially LinkedIn

  • Strong computer skills

  • Communication, organizational, administrative skills



  • BS degree in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology or relevant field


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