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                In the current pandemic, an army of COVID 19 Tracers are needed to stem the spread of infection.  Along with social distancing, wearing a mask and scrupulous hand washing, Contact Tracing is a critical element in the public health fight against the disease.


What are COVID-19 Tracers?

                Tracers serve a vital function through a very simple, but effective process.  From the list of people testing positive for the antigen indicating current infection with the coronavirus (a CASE), a Tracer follows a protocol to

  • receive information for a telephone call with a CASE

  • call the CASE to

    • determine symptom deterioration that might require immediate medical attention

    • advise the CASE to isolate, thus preventing the spread of the infection to others

      • directing the CASE to resources to help with any barriers to this isolation

    • find out information about those people the CASE may have already infected (CONTACTS)

  • call these CONTACTS to

    • determine if the CONTACTS have symptoms that would make them a CASE

    • advise the CONTACTS to quarantine, thus preventing the spread of the infection to others

      • directing the CONTACTS to resources to help with any barriers to this quarantine


                States and municipalities across the U.S. are recruiting for COVID 19 Tracers.  Each has their own criteria and rules for bringing Tracers on-board.  Many have hired outside contractors to manage their recruiting. This may present difficulty for you in finding the right opportunity at the right time with the right place to apply.


How can NARAP help you?

                Signing up on the NARAP COVID 19 Potential Tracer Registry can help you with that difficulty:

  • Based on the date and time you send in the application, NARAP will distribute your information to health departments and recruiting agencies requesting Tracers from the Registry

    • “first come, first serve”

      • if an agency calls for 100 Tracers, NARAP will send them the first hundred names and contact information on the Registry based on criteria they request such as state of legal residence

    • You will also be placed on the list for NARAP updates on COVID-19 Tracing and other
      opportunities for clinical experience that come through the organization.

What do you need to join the Registry?

               While your place in line depends on your application time/date stamp, before sending your information forward, NARAP must receive your

  1. Johns Hopkins University COVID 19 Training course (https://www.coursera.org/learn/covid-19-contact-tracing?edocomorp=covid-19-contact-tracing
    certificate of completion
    (EMAIL TO: RecruitingChiefRa.SVMC@thenarap.org)

  2. Letter of Endorsement from your HPA (https://www.thenarap.org/health-profession-advisor-letter)

  3. Direct the Health Professions Adviser at your school to the NARAP website location requesting a letter of endorsement to be on the Registry.​

  4. Ensure that emails from RecruitingChiefRA.SVMC@RAProgram.org and COVID19Tracers@theNARAP.org are not blocked as SPAM or automatically sent to TRASH. This will allow you to receive mass emails from NARAP


 What COVID-19 Potential Tracer Registry NOT do?

  • Assure you will be called for a position as a COVID 19 Tracer position

    • currently, many states, municipalities and agencies are flooded with applicants

  • Guarantee the offer as a COVID 19 Tracer will be for a paid position; a particular offer may just be for volunteers

  • Indicate in what time frame you may receive an offer as a COVID 19 Tracer

    • over time, we believe that many recruited Tracers from other sources will go back to their jobs and careers as the economy rebounds,

    • but the need for COVID 19 Tracers will likely extend well into 2021 and beyond

    • while there may be an abundant supply of Tracer applicants now, the need for more long term will be a demand pre-health professions students on NARAP’s COVID 19 Registry can answer

  • Preclude you from pursing all other ways for getting a position as a COVID 19 Tracer       


What will you receive from NARAP?

  • Confirmation of receipt of your

    • application to the Registry

    • certificate of completion from the Johns Hopkins University COVID 19 Training course

    • letter of endorsement from your Health Professions Adviser

  • Updates on

    • COVID 19 Contact Tracing

    • other opportunities through NARAP for clinical research experiences


We at NARAP look forward to working with you on developing the largest public health force ever assembled and future opportunities for your discernment, qualification and development as future healthcare professionals.


When your grandkids (and admissions committees) ask:
“What did you do during the Great Pandemic of 2020?”
Will you say

  • “I studied my chemistry, physics, biology on-line to get good grades”     or

  • "I studied my chemistry, physics, biology on-line to get good grades     and

I was part of the largest public health army ever assembled to stop the spread
of coronavirus in its tracks… serving my future patients now!”

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