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Our Model Program at St. Vincent's 



The Research Associates (RA) Program Director at St. Vincent's and Founder of NARAP, Dr. Keith Bradley, initiated his first RA program at St. Vincent's Medical Center, and twenty years later this is where he is still directing clinical research. This founding program is used as the model for all of our Member Institutions. 


The RA Program at St. Vincent's conducts trainings, both for RAs and for future NARAP institutions. It is the institution that initiates pilot studies that are later used as a gateway for national clinical research studies.


For twenty years, St. Vincent's Medical Center has been a gracious host to the RA Program, offering support and demonstrating the capability of a hospital and RA Program to enter into a symbiotic relationship, that is mutually beneficial.












Research Associates from previous semesters have shared their experiences with us, and we think their testimonials broadcast many of the positive aspects of our program at St. Vincent's Hospital.




"I very much enjoyed the opportunity of participating in the Research Associates Program. It not only offered me a valuable clinical research experience but by also being immersed in the emergency department environment and directly interacting with patients and visitors, it allowed me to further explore my interests in clinical medicine."


Research Associate SVMC

Graduate of Providence College, 2010 and Quinnipiac University, 2012



"The RA Program provides the unique opportunity for pre-health professional students to directly interact with patients and visitors in a medical environment. While volunteering as a Research Associate, I felt like my position and actions had a purpose, and that I was contributing to the completion of clinical research studies."


Research Associate SVMC

Graduate of Boston College, 2013 

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