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National Affiliate Director

National Affiliate Director


Affiliate Department

Reports to

Associate Medical Officer (AMO)


General Description

The National Affiliate Director will orient all the activities necessary to accelerate the Research Associates Program. The Program Director will focus on the overall success, sustainability and growth of the RA Program.



  • Builds strategic plans to maintain partnerships with emergency departments as NARAP Affiliates.

  • Educate, train, advise, and update the Regional Directors on the best practices and provide up to date resources to run the RA program smoothly.

  • Submit quarterly report to Associate Medical Officer on the progress of the RA program in various regions.

  • Establish standard guidelines for Regional Directors to ensure consistency among all RA programs

  • Formulate and implement plans to overcome hurdles in establishing or maintaining strategic partnerships and handling unanticipated events. 

  • In collaboration with Marketing and Advertising division, set-up campaigns to generate awareness about the NARAP RA Program model

  • Support proactive plan to build awareness of NARAP among educational institutions and associations to aid in Affiliate development and RA recruitment

  • Support the identification and cultivation of donors

  • Provide specific guidelines to Regional Directors in order to initiate enhance, maintain and overcome issues during communication while encouraging Affiliates to participate in NARAP sponsored clinical research and data projects

  • Assist in publishing and disseminating NARAP research

  • Support submission and facilitation of and reporting on progress of clinical research grants, sponsorships and funding.

  • Encourage NARAP and Affiliates respect and adhere to the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Create a community network that links emergency departments, universities/colleges and NARAP

  • Promote skills mentioned in the program director’s handbook

  • Guide, support and manage regional directors.

  • Oversee regular communications between regional directors

  • Implement a feedback system to measure the success of the RA Programs.


Supervisory Responsibilities

Regional Directors


Skills and Experience

  • Business acumen

  • Ability to maintain workflow efficiently

  • Strong communication and leadership skills

  • Proficiency in MS Office

  • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.

  • Exhibit independent judgment in the development, implementation and evaluation of plans, procedures and policies.

  • Ability to plan, direct and coordinate activities.



MBA or related fields


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