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Research Services

Patient Participant Recruitment Program 

NARAP is always looking for research projects that would benefit from the high volume and diverse participant enrollment the RA model offers in our multi-center organization.


We invite the medical community to submit proposals asking us to facilitate nationwide clinical research on their behalf.​

Registry Referral Program

This program focuses on referring people to various clinical research registries. Focus is on identifying, developing and cultivating partners and projects that benefit from this program.

Data Services

This Program focuses on improving quality outcomes to provide better healthcare for communities using data collected through the RA Program Research Model. Current services identified are Data Analytics, Data Research Projects, Data Storyboards; Evidence based recommendations, Data Auditing and Regulatory Compliance, Data Consulting. 


With over 20 years experience we offer our services to consult in a variety of different ways. 

Grant Program 

This program focuses on leveraging the RA Program Research model to secure research grant funding from NARAP stakeholders 

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The National Alliance of Research Associates Programs


A Unique Approach to Clinical Research 
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