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The National Alliance of Research Associates Programs


a unique approach to clinical research utilizing PRE-health professions students


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Centered in Affiliate hospitals across the U.S., NARAP is a non-profit, clinical research organization

facilitating large-scale, multi-center studies to increase the quality of healthcare delivery,

focusing on emergency departments (EDs) loci to facilitate primary healthcare,

 especially in the areas of screening and prevention.


Our work engages large numbers of PRE-health professional (college) students as Research Associates (RAs) volunteering one 4-hour shift per week in the EDs of NARAP Affiliate hospitals

as data collectors for the studies.


Their efforts provide the RAs with clinical opportunities unique to the research setting

for their discernment, qualification and personal development as future health professionals.

Consider These Numbers

More than half the U.S. population visits an Emergency Department as a patient or visitor each year.


The average Emergency Department visit lasts four hours.

By conservative estimates,

there are over half a million "pre-med" college and post-baccalaureate  students any given year.

If there were similar clinical research requirements for medical school applicants as there are for  most other health professional students (on average 500 volunteer hours) this would result in an  additional 60,000,000 volunteer hours per year devoted to activities like RA programs.


Even at minimum wage, this translates to a potential $435 million value in work by motivated,  college-educated students.

NARAP is bringing these numbers together to produce fundamental changes in how
  • clinical research is conducted
  • screening and prevention are facilitated 
  • future health professionals can obtain clinical opportunities


NARAP is producing millions of work hours for the public good compensated in a commodity other than money, with dividends for the nation’s health now and for generations to come. 

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The National Alliance of Research Associates Programs


A Unique Approach to Clinical Research 
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