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Our Research Associates 

Who are Research Associates (RA)?


RAs help conduct clinical research in the emergency department allows for pre-health professional students to see elements of a career in medicine first-hand, and gives them hands-on clinical research experience. Based on your experience you could be a 

  • Chief RA

  • Line RA

How Are RAs Chosen?


Recruiting RAs is done through

  • Presentations at schools in the region where the program is located,

  • Through Health Professions Advisers at colleges and universities around the country.

  • Online through this website with its links to the individual NARAP Affiliate Programs.


If you are a pre-health professional student that is in good academic standing then please apply to be an RA.

 Chief Research Associates:
  • They are college graduates taking a year or more between college and medical

  • school who serve as middle managers for their home program.

  • There are five Chief RAs per Affiliate.

  • They supervise the Line RAs and participate in all aspects of research conducted in their institution's Emergency Department (ED)

NARAP Chief RAs are appointed internally and at the recommendation of their Program Directors.


If you cannot reach the Affiliate Institution of your choice, please email



Line Research Associates
  • Pre-health professional students

  • who volunteer one 4 hour shift per week

  • In the emergency department (ED)

  • As data collectors for clinical research

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