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Recruitment Coordinator

The HR Recruitment Coordinator at NARAP assists the HR Director in establishing and executing recruitment programs in line with organizational requirements, budgets, and business plan objectives. The recruitment Coordinator works with all departments in helping to identify and align recruitment needs, and manages the recruitment objectives, plans, programs and budgets.

Grant Program- Project Manager

The Project Manager of the Grant Program is responsible for a single project within the grant program. This may entail researching, writing and/or editing grant applications.  

Government Donation Program- Project Manager

The Project Manager of the Government Donation Program is responsible for establishing relationships with potential donors and soliciting donations.

Marketing and Advertising Coordinator

The Coordinator leading the Marketing & Advertising Project works to improve the visual image and marketing assets of the National Alliance of Research Associates Programs (NARAP) to get attention of potential volunteers and donors, as well as to solicit donations. The marketing activities include creation of infographics, slogans, videos, and development of a media campaign to expose the organization to an outside stakeholder.

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