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Research Associate (RA) Program Model

Our Program  


At NARAP there are 3 ways you can work with us.

Research Associates
  •  pre-health professional students

  •  volunteering one, 4 -hour shift per week

  •  in the emergency departments (EDs) at Affiliate hospitals

  •  as data collectors in clinical research

  • NARAP helps departments of emergency medicine initiate, develop and maintain Research Associates Programs

  • currently, 17 Affiliate hospitals nationwide.

  • each Affiliate's Research Associates Program functions autonomously, focusing mainly on their research and then on NARAP's multi-center study on the ED as a site to facilitate primary health care.

  • minimizing cost and impact on clinical personnel


Clinical Researchers

  • research accomplished

    • enrolling unprecedented numbers of participants over short time frames 

    • from the broad range of diverse demographics found in NARAP Affiliates in urban, suburban and rural settings       across the U.S.

    • while minimizing cost 

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The National Alliance of Research Associates Programs


A Unique Approach to Clinical Research 
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